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Baby Sayings and Quotes

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Though I’m not here to thank you for the lovely gifts you’ve brought, my family is grateful and they appreciate the thought.

I’ll be arriving shortly and I’m as happy as can be, so after I’ve been home awhile please come by and visit me.

Baby Sayings and QuotesBabies are such a great way to start people…

A Miracle has come to be with this addition to our Family Tree. Welcome (name).

Take the love of the parents and sprinkle with heavenly spice, mold into a creation, only after the angels have stirred twice.

Here we go again…Left without a clue. What color will it be for baby number (?) Please help us celebrate the anticipated arrival of the newest member of our family.

Our hearts are filled with happiness. Our lives are filled with love. We have the baby girl/boy we have been dreaming of.

The Lord picks special parents. They are chosen from above. For adoptions, take two giving hearts, filled with special lasting love.

A breath, a cry and a life brand new, in a single moment our dreams have come true. Please come and visit our new little (name). We’d love to see all of you!

Find a pretty flower and dress it up with curls, fill it’s petals with a love for life, and you’ve got a little girl.

The stork’s ability has just been tested to see if he can carry twice the load. We now have Twins!

Bottles, bibs, blankets, and booties, diapers, late night and parental duties. Come celebrate with us at (name) Baby Shower!

A wiggly, giggly bundle of fun, we have a huggable, lovable new baby son.

Tiny yawns, and sleepy sighs, nursery rhymes and lullabies.

A new baby sister/brother as cute as can be. I’ll be the best big sister/brother, just wait and see.

A new arrival sent from above, a baby brother/sister to protect and to love.

We’re tickled pink and glad to say our little girl was born this day.

A baby is cuddles and tickles on toes, the sweet scent of powder, and a kiss on the nose!

With long awaited joy, we announce the birth of our baby boy (name).

We’ve expanded our home an additional 2 feet/4 feet/6 feet with (names)

We proudly announce the birth of our son/daughter (name)

We are all TWO happy to announce the arrival of our twin boys/girls. (names)

Twice the joy, twice the love, (names) are twice the blessing from above.

Please join us in welcoming into the world, our little baby boy/girl. (name)

Our miracle has arrived! (name)

Our prayers have been answered with the adoption of (name)

We joyfully announce the new addition to our family (name)

We did it again! Please join us in the excitement of our new baby girl/boy (name)

We proudly announce the birth of our son/daughter (name)

The mother of boys works son up to son down…

Ten tiny fingers, ten tiny toes, she’s cute as a button, sweet as a rose.

Someone special, someone dear, someone new to love is here!

A baby is a miracle sent from heaven above, to touch our lives with wonder and love.

Innocent, perfect and sweet as can be, our angel has arrived…blessed are we!

A baby girl/boy born in a distant land and we’ve been chosen to hold her/his hand.

Double the love and double the joy, we’ve been blessed with two baby boys/girls!

Four tiny hands and four tiny feet, we have the sweetest twins for you to meet!

Four little arms to hold tight, four little cheeks to kiss good night!

Two sets of hands and two sets of eyes, twins are such a delightful surprise!

A brand new baby is on the way so let’s celebrate with a special day!

(Name) is almost due, but we don’t know if it’s pink or blue.

(Name) can hardly wait so join us and we’ll celebrate.

Bottles, booties, bibs and more, let’s shower the baby with gifts galore!

Please join us for a baby shower honoring (name).

In the pink? Or in the blue? If (names) only knew!

Our family announces another few ounces.


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