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Blast from the Past Christmas Contest Shares

As I continue to add new pages, and revamp wrapcandy, I find lots of older shares.  I ran into these Christmas Contest Shares and figured members may want to snag them.

 If anyone would like to make proper displays, feel free to do so.  See tip at the bottom if they do not open in 7.3.

All Wrappers Below were from our Candy Wrapper Contest Please see Disclaimer at the bottom of this page*

1st Place Winner

Tied for 2nd Place

Tied for 2nd Place

 3rd Place

*Disclaimer:To the best of our knowledge, all images used on these wrappers for the contest may be used on printable project, but may not be put on a CD or distributed in any digital format.   If you are the author of any of the images used in the designs above and have not granted permission to use them, please contact us at

If anyone remembers the year of this contest, please comment at the bottom of this page and let me know.   Note: I have not tested to make sure these files work in Wrapcandy 7.3.  If they don’t let me know.   Tip”  If these do not open in Wrapcandy 7.3, open them in 7.1 save them as is, and they should open in 7.3.  Sharing is caring!