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Candy Wrapper Supplies

Your list to Candy Wrapper and Party Favor Supplies


You can use regular copy paper, card stock, colored, textured or photo paper when making your wrappers.  I have had good success with paper all the way up to the 74-pound card stock.  A great happy Medium is. 32 to 38 pound Brochure paper.  For Weddings, you may want to try a 6 mil Satin or Semi Gloss Photo Paper.

Photo Sticker Paper Works great, but you must overwrap the bar with the original wrapper intact with Foil first.

We recommend Online Labels for great deals on Self Adhesive Photo Paper.  They also have great deals on everyday lables.


Need Candy Wrapper Foil?  You can use regular old foil or create closed end wrappers, but nothing beats the professional foil you can purchase for such a low price.  We highly recommend this site

Scissors & Cutters

Any Scissors will do the job, but if you’re serious about Wrapping Candy, you’re going to want to upgrade to at least a Cutting board.  There are many different types of cutting boards.  If you have kids around, you’ll most likely want to keep it locked up, or invest in a $12.00 Fiskars Board Paper Trimmer which is a bit safer, but not as effective for bulk.

If you plan on making a ton of candy wrappers then you may want to invest in either a Table Cutter or a Circut Cutting Machine  Either one, will cost you extra money.  So, don’t go out and buy one until you make too many sales to keep up with.  If you buy the Circut there is a great software program that helps you cut just about anything here



Tape Pens are the Best, but Non toxic gluestickss or. Double Sided Tape Also Works.


You can take any kind of candy and create customized wrappers for them.  For the best prices on candy, you better try Sam’s Club or Costco.  Chocolate doesn’t ship well, so you’ll be hard pressed finding a better deal online.

  Just about any printer will do these days.  If you are on a tight budget, get an Inkjet Printer.   HP is a pretty good brand relatively inexpensive.

 If you have some start up cash, get a laser printer.  It will save you in ink costs in the long run.  Plus laser Gloss paper is cheaper than Inkjet glossy paper.


Royalty Free Images can be found all over the net. Just Search for Royalty Free Images on a major search engine such as  Be sure that they are in fact Royalty Free.