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These are instructions for building a five level candy cake.  Keep in mind there are many ways to build a cake – this is just my way

Supplies needed: 

1 – 10” cardboard cake round (sold in any craft store, Walmart, etc)  About $5 for 10.

2 – 8” Styrofoam circle

1 – 6” Styrofoam circle

1 – 4” Styrofoam circle

1 – 3” Styrofoam circle

Spacers for in between layers.  I use wood thread spools, they have a wide top and give good balance to the layers.  About $3 for a bag of 10.

Note:  I put my logo and information about my business on the WHITE side of the cardboard.  You will be covering the brown cardboard side anyway.


Layers & Candy:

        Layer 1 – 23

        Layer 2 – 22

        Layer 3 – 18

        Layer 4 – 12

        Layer 5 – 9

Okay – here we go.....

Lay out your design before you begin, noting how many candies are needed for each layer.

Put your embellishment on top of the cardboard cake circles.  Many designers include circles that match the design you are using.

Glue your first 8” Styrofoam circle to the cake board.  Glue your minis to the first layer. 

Sometimes you will need a partial piece of candy to fill in a gap.  I needed this on layer 1, 2 & 3.  Just trim down your candy, put the Hershey wrap back on then your printed wrap over that.

Glue your spacers to the center of this circle.

Add embellishment to the edges (in this case I used greenery)


Glue minis to Layer #2 (8” Styrofoam circle)

NOW glue this layer to your spacers.

Repeat steps 6 thru 8 for the rest of your layers.

Choose a topper and glue or adhere to the top.  Depending on the topper, you can glue or use a

skewer, etc.


*  The same concepts apply if you are building a 2 layer or a 10 layer



Here’s the finished cake.....



Feel free to PM or email me if you have any questions or need any help!!! 


Lee Ann (aka leeannscloset)


Candy Cake Templates

There are a bunch of Candy Cake Templates and desings in our forum.

Use the advance search option and type in candy cake.





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