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Christmas Candy Wrappers and Templates

Make Fantastic Christmas Candy Wrappers.  We have a variety of Christmas Candy Wrapper Templates to choose from or make your own.

Christmas is such a joyous holiday. It is a time to celebrate the Birth Of Jesus Christ. Family and friends get together for gift exchanging and holiday dinners. Instead of Christmas cards, why not make custom Christmas candy bar wrappers and other party favors? It’s a fun Christmas craft idea for the family.  One of our favorites is the color me in Gallon Can located in the Paint Can Download area.

These personalized Christmas party favors make an excellent gifts.  You can also sell them or use them as promotional handouts.

With our Candy Wrapper Software,  nearly every Template is fully customizable. You can add your own images, change the background, add your own text. Change the fonts, and colors to give it your personal touch!

There are hundreds of Christmas candy wrapper designs in our support forum. These are simply some samples and can be downloaded from this page and used with our Candy Wrapper Software.

Members feel free to use any display any of these Christmas Candy Wrapper Templates on your website.  All of our designs can be used on hand finished products for Business or Personal Use.

Christmas Candy Wrappers.  LifeSavers

Wrapcandy Program Owners, Download these Life Saver Designs here.

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Support Forum.
  There are many excellent Designs you can
use for fun or profit.  Search for Christmas and you’ll find a

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