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Create your own Personalized Tea Bags

How to Make a Teabag Cover
By Lee Siefert


Inkjet or Laser Printer
Inkjet Paper 28 LB or Hammermill Office One Business Gloss or Photo Paper (or any medium weight paper)
Wrap Candy Software
Some type of cutting instrument or sharp scissors
Glue Stick
Teabags in foil or paper packs (2.5 in wide x 3.0 in high)

This teabag cover is fairly easy to make and can have two variations to the design. The sample shown is the standard with closed sides and fold flap over.

Another style would be to keep the sides open (cutting the sides that were left for gluing) and tying a ribbon on top through either one or two holes punched through the flap part.

I left a lined border around the whole template for your cutting ease, or you can remove and use the WC print border option in File/Properties which will give you the red line for cutting also. All the lines are left in as guide lines for your placement of graphics and all can be deleted prior to printing.

Tea Bag Dimensions

Width: 7.000
Height: 3.500

(Click Here to download the teabag file)

Step One:
Cut along the lines making a rectangle. These dimensions give you 3 teabags per sheet.

Step Two:
Cut where it says Cut off on the bottom sides and on the corners including the angle on the flap, or as an option, leave squared. The two sides remaining at the top will be your glue area.

Step Three:
You can use a scoring tool or an empty pen (anything that will indent a line) on the backside for ease in folding. Use a ruler as a guide for this along the length and bottom of the teabag.

Step Four:
Glue along the folded sides on top part of teabag. Fold bottom over and stick together. Let dry for just a little while before inserting teabag.

Insert teabag and fold flap over. You can use the glue stick on the flap and put just a touch in the center to keep closed without gluing the whole flap down. This keeps it closed without making it difficult to open the whole flap.

Good luck and happy teabag making.

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