How to Make Cute Personalized Holiday Poop:
Semi Gloss Photo Paper, Card Stock, Sticker Paper (Inkjet Printer)
Card Stock, Sticker Paper, Business Gloss (Laser Printer)
 melting packing peanuts (Ghost Poop)
Candy Corns [Pumpkin Poop]
Tic Tacs [Rabbit, Bunny Poop, Snowman Poop
Wrapcandy Software 

Holiday Poop Gifts are simple to make with these premade designs.  Just Download them and open them with your Wrapcandy Software.   Requires 7.1+


Customize and Printout Your Personalized Saying using one of the many templates below.

Fill a baggie or cellophane tied with ribbon with white mini marshmallows (Snowman Poop, Ghost Poop) and put it in a stocking.  Use the printed out card as a topper and staple or glue it to the bag. Here is a Template to get you started.  You can edit it in your wrapcandy program.

You can also make tic tac labels for Poop Gag Gifts.


Some sayings:

Bunny Poop
Chocolate Covered Peanuts or Raisins

Or Use colored tic tacs (your choice to be festive)

The Easter Bunny came last night
And left this little scoop.
Because you weren’t so good this year,
You’re getting Bunny Poop.

Alternative  Tic Tac Bunny Poop



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Pumpkin Poop
by Cookie
Candy Corn

I started to carve a pumpkin
with my carving knife and scoop
But the pumpkin got so scared
He took a little poop!
It looked so cute and funny
Just like a candy treat
So I’m sharing it with you now
Because you are so sweet!


Snowman Poop
Snowman Poop could be mini marshmallows or mints

Santa checked his list not once, but twice.
He found you’ve been naughty not nice.
Since coal is so expensive, Here’s the scoop.
He’s filled your stocking with Snowman poop!!!

Heard you’ve been naughty so here’s the scoop
all you get for Christmas is snowman poop

Santa’s been makin’ his list and checkin’ it twice
He knows that you’ve been naughty – not nice. . . . .
Since coal is so expensive here’s the scoop
Santa has left you Snowman Poop!

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