Create Incense for Cash

If you would like to have your own home based business, and do not know where to start, you may consider creating incense for cash. Incense is still a relatively big hit among people of all ages. People enjoy the various aromas that are created using incense. They also enjoy the fact that the smell of incense can linger in the air for hours at a time. Many people simply buy incense to use as an air freshener and do not even burn it. The aroma is usually so strong in various types of incense that it can last for a long time and produce the same effect as if it were being burned without ever having to burn it. In this article, we will review how you can create incense for cash.


Before you start creating incense for cash, it is a good idea to decide what kind of market that you would like to sell too. There are various markets when it comes to incense. People in religious communities, such as the Catholics, implement the use of incense in their prayers. People who are into Wicca and New Age often use incense to accompany their spells and rituals. Many other people use incense simply for the atmosphere that it establishes in the home. You may select to focus on one particular market, many markets, or all markets. The choice is up to you.

In order to get started in creating incense for cash, there are a few supplies that you will need to have on hand: 1) DPG Solvent 2) Oils in various fragrances, such as “Dragon’s Blood” , and “Sandalwood” 3) Unscented incense sticks 4) Unscented incense cones 5) Dyes of various colors if the oils are not already colored 6) Ziplock bags that are the appropriate size for your incense cones and sticks 7) A dropper

Once you have gathered all of the materials necessary to create your incense, you can start immediately. You simply take one dropper of the oil of your choice and apply it to the incense. Once you do this, take two droppers of the DPG Solvent and apply it to the incense. You may also mix the ingredients of one part of the oil of your choice to two parts of the DPG Solvent and then allow it to soak. Once the incense is thoroughly soaked with the mixture of the essential oil and DPG Solvent, you will want to allow the incense to dry for approximately two days. You may choose to allow it to air dry for up to five days.

Once the incense is dry, you simply place the amount in each ziplock bag that you wish to sell. For example, you may want to place ten incense sticks in one bag for $1.00. You can then buy labels from your local computer and printer supply store and print out labels to stick on each bag. If you have a pack of ten incense sticks in the aroma of Dragon’s Blood, your label may read “Dragon’s Blood Incense Sticks 10 for a $1.00 – Hand Dipped”.


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