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Get Started

I decided to write a quick guide on getting started to
help you see how great Wrapcandy really is.   Please don’t get
overwhelmed.  We offer great support and have one of the largest
party favor and candy wrapper forums around with over 700,000 posts
20,000 shares and 18,000 plus members:
I cannot stress enough the value of forum.  We have
members who have so much knowledge that they are happy to share.
Please check out the
Members Section
and introduce yourself (The forum is for Wrapcandy
Program owners only)
Links to Sections
Downloading you Software

Other Helpful Links

Opening your First Wrapper How To Assemble Other Items
Learn the Program Features Quick Download Page
Printing 2 Wrappers per Page Wrapcandy
Too Digital Store
All about Fonts
Paper and Supplies
Cutting Your Wrapper
How to assemble your first wrapper.
Time saving tip.  Candy Wrapper Backs for you
and Backgrounds

Downloading your software

If you haven’t downloaded your software yet, that is
your first step.

If you ordered the Wrapcandy Pro Version, please
download the software here:

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Opening Your
First Wrapper:

Once you have installed your software and activated it
with your username and password, you should open your first wrapper.  You
can use the Library FILE >> OPEN LIBRARY, or use the Online Depot.  Click
the Right Cylinder at the top of your software, type in a key word and click
apply filter.  Next select the design you like and click download.

The Library, are wrappers already saved on your
computer and contains just a minimum amount of wrappers.   The online Depot
is updated often and is fully searchable.  You can use the depot as often as
you like to download new designs but you must have access to the internet.
When you download from the depot, they open right in your software.   You
can save it to your computer anytime.  Also, we update
our Catalog
nearly every day.  You can download wrappers and
designs from there as well.  There are just so many graphics and
designs that it will take you a Year just to catch up

Video on How to use the online depot:

Once your first wrapper is open, you should take some
time to see how some of the features work.  For instance, to change text,
double click a text box and type in your new info.   You’ll notice when you
click on the text, there are many options at the top of the program.  Such
as text size, color, font and more.

Spend some time learning all the features

You’ll want to view the video in full screen mode.

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The program, by default prints as many wrappers that will
fit on a standard sheet of paper.  It determines how many will fit
based on the preset margins and the size of the wrapper.  If you hit
print preview and it does not show two wrappers please watch this video to
see how to fix it quickly and easily:

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Fonts are Awesome!

Wrapcandy can use any True Type Font and there are thousands
available online.  One great site is:
There are tons of free fonts to choose from for making candy wrappers.
It is important to note, that Wrapcandy should be closed when installing
fonts.  It checks for your fonts when you open the software.  Here
is a video for installing fonts:


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Paper and Supplies:

The type of paper you choose is going to vary depending on
your printer.  This may be a trial and error for you but I can give you
some tips..  If you have a laser printer, I’ve had great success with:

Hammermill® Color Laser Gloss Paper, 8 1/2″ x 11″, 32 Lb,
Pack Of 300 Sheets

It is affordable, has a nice shine, and is not too thick.

For inkjet, I find that a 32 lb light weight photo paper
works well.  You can use regular paper as well, but try to find a
weight of at least 28 lbs.

Foil:  Although, you can use regular store
bought foil, I highly recommend overwrapping your candy wrapper with a
premium precut paper backed foil.  It looks so much better than the
foil you buy at the store.  For an added touch you can seal your
finished wrapper in a plastic sleeve.  You will find both these items

100 sheets is less than $6.00.

Adhesive:  You have many choices for adhering
your custom candy wrapper.  You can use double sided tape, a glue stick
or a Scotch Tape Pen.  (I prefer the tape pen as it is simple once you
figure out how to use it)

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Cutting out Your Wrapper:

You’ll find that scissors do work, but are a pain if you
have to make a lot of wrappers.  If you don’t have little kids running
around, you may want to purchase a standard cutting board (you know, the
ones you used in school)

If you have kids, then you may want to purchase a rotary
cutting board.  They work well, and they are much safer than the old
school cutting boards.  You can find them at Sam’s Club or Costco at
affordable prices.

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How to Assemble your First Wrapper:

Time Saving Tip
Wrapper Backs:

Here is a great time saving tip that I encourage you to
utilize.  Use pre-made wrapper backs for the occasion.  They are
already lined up and can be edited very quickly.  Debbie F on the forum
has made a bunch for you and you can download them here
Also, members have donated a huge
  111 Megs so it may take awhile to download it, but it
will be well worth it.

I made a video before these wrapper backs were available,
but you should be able to figure it out how to use them by watching this

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