How to Make Large Candy Bar Wrappers

By Lee Siefert

Materials Needed:

Wrap Candy Software

Hershey’s bars 8 oz

Inkjet or laser printer

Inkjet , laser or glossy photo paper of any light to medium weight 28
LB. (Hammermill Office One Business Gloss)

Cutting instrument or very sharp scissors

A glue stick or similar glue product

This template is for the standard 8 oz Candy bar with foil.

The cwr template file I have included are full designs which you can
edit to your liking.

Measurements for this bar is 7 wide x 9.7 high.

We’re not going to go into great detail on these as they are very
similar to standard candy wrappers

Some Sample Large Candy Bar Wrappers

Here are 8 oz templates:

See our Catalog
for the most up to date candy wrappers. 

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