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Internet Promotion: 20 Phenomenal Ways To Make More Money From Your Customers

If you desire to succeed in internet promotion, you must be skilled in knowing the desires of your customers and how to meet them.

Below are 20 phenomenal secrets to do internet promotionin order to generate more profit.

1. Insert a brochure for another product in the firstproduct package your customer buys from you.

2. Sell a basic product and tell people for a littlemore money they can receive the deluxe edition.

3. Give your customers a free subscription to youre-zine and include back end products in each issue.

4. Charge people extra money to get the reproduction rights.

5. Send your customers greeting cards at holidayswith your back end product offer included.

6. Offer your customers a discount if they buy morethan one of the same product.

7. Include a back end product offer on your online"thank you" page.

8. Give people a huge discount to your subscriptionproduct if they subscribe for a longer period of time.

9. Send your customer a free surprise gift with yourback end product offer included.

10. Give your customers a discount if they buy overa certain number of any products.

11. Publish a back end product offer inside any ofthe information products you sell.

12. Group your products together in package dealsto make more profit form each sale.

13. Include a back end product offer inside your"customer's only" online club.

14. Join someone else's affiliate program and use itas an upsell or back end product.

15. Follow-up with your customers to see if they'rehappy and offer them another product.

16. Offer people a free sample of your product andtell them they will get a discount if they order now.

17. Send your customers a "thank you" e-mail witha back end offer attached.

18. Offer your customers add-on products like giftwrapping, batteries, imprinting, etc.

19. Allow your customers the option of signing upto your "future product offers list".

20. Explain to people that for extra money, they canextend the guarantee or warranty of the product.

May you succeed in your internet promotion and make a lotof money.


I-key Benney, CEO

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