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Candy Wrapper Testimonials

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While searching the web for candy wrappers, I came across a local company that made personalized candy wrappers, I decided to call them. After a long conversation, the owner told me she made a bad choice by buying into an expensive company that had pre-made candy wrappers and expensive foil pouches. She then told me about Wrap Candy and highly recommend it and how you can custom design anything with the Wrap Candy software.

She did not want another person to make the same mistake she did and buying into a $500 program.

I was very excited after I talked to her and googled Wrap Candy and purchased the 7.1 Professional that night! After the instant download, I was able to make my own candy wrappers with the clipart supplied with the program… I would not be here today if I did not buy Wrap Candy! I highly recommend Wrap Candy to everyone!
Alice Jones Ellenton, FL.



Icing on the cake – Testimonial Accidentally, found Wrapcandy on eBay. The best thing that ever happened; purchasing the software. It unlocked creative talents within me. I’ve always had talent for designing various different things, but this software has been the “icing on the cake”, so to speak.Truth of the matter is, there’s no stopping with the number of items you can make. Simple to use their software, designs and templates, and allows you to make any custom template of your choice. Excellent product, addicting forum to share ideas and help and highly recommended for personal or commercial use. Tried the others? Now try the best.~NKSiefert~ (Forum Name)Illinois
Nksiefert (Lee) is currently a Wrapcandy Moderator. She volunteers her time and is on the forum practically everyday. She has been using our Candy Wrapper Software for nearly 9 years!”
Wrapcandy is the best program ever.  This is the second and last program i bought to do candy wrappers on. When i bought this program i didn’t know i was going to get a really great group of people on the forum that will help you and walk you thought the program. i learned this program by my self before knowing about the group on the forum. i never joined a forum and this was my first one and was really happy with it. This program is really easy to use. Once you learn this program its a breeze there is so much you can do with this program. Its way worth what you pay for it.Yahaira Robleswww.creationsbyyahaira.comChicago, IL
I’m a fairly new candy wrapper. I purchased two other programs previously to the wrapcandy program. They were very cumbersome to use and I’ve got 20+ years computer experience. This program is
very user friendly. I made my first wrapper within minutes of loading the program. This is the only one of the programs that came with a forum. The information that is shared in the forum is invaluable.I would highly recommend this program! You are really getting your money’s worth!Patricia HooverK J’s Sweet Expressions

I have to tell you how thrilled I am with the Wrap Candy program! I have had your program for over a year and a half now and I can honestly say – it’s one of the best
investments I’ve ever made!The program is full of lots of great features that make designing a wrapper a cinch. And, it’s so user friendly! And the wonderful forum is the icing on the cake.Someone is always right there to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. I’m so thankful I found Wrap Candy! Thank you so much!”RhondaNewHampshire
This program is by far the best available! Like several others, I too had tried other more expensive candy wrapping software’s that promised to be easy to use…Wrap Candy is the easiest, most versatile program that I have bought (not to mention the least expensive).It paid for itself with the first order!The forum is not only filled with the most pleasant group of people I have ever come across, but it is amazing how many people share their clipart, templates, sayings, and general knowledge! Anyone considering buying a program like this should ONLY buy this one!!Kristin Gudzik PortJefferson, NY
I went to a baby shower, and they had some wrapped candy bars there (something I had never seen), I thought it was the cutest thing.  I came home and googled wrapped candy bars, and saw several sites, that sold the wrappers only, but then I came across,, and read some things on their site, and I knew this is what I was looking for, so I ordered the program.  When I got the program, and got on the forum, I didn’t realize there would be so much help, and designed wrappers, for me.  This is the best investment I have ever made.  I have made some pretty good money, just doing this on the side.  I LOVE THIS PROGRAM.  Thanks to all the members for all their support and help, and thanks to Ryan for designing the program, and for all of his help also.
Karen (Kecrews)
I am the mother of a special needs adult daughter, I am also her care giver. We are on a very fixed income, and I was and am looking to bring in some extra money.
I seen an ad for Wrapped Candy on the internet. I checked into it, in fact I even called a couple of people that had written testimonials.
I purchased the Wrapped Candy Pro version…. and have became addicted to WC. The people on the forums are great,willing to help out in a heartbeat with whatever problem or question that I have had.
I am still fairly new to WC….. and still learning the basics….. but loving every minute .
I appreciate all the updates and hands on things that you do, Ryan.
Thank you to you, your staff, and anyone else that has helped me with WC.

Shirley Turner  -West Virginia

Several years ago my parents came home from an 80th birthday party with a custom-wrapped Hershey bar. Apparently my cousin purchased a very expensive program (kind of like a franchise) and gave the candy bars out at the party. I instantly thought “WOW…how neat is that?”
Time went by and I started to investigate online to see what was out there that wasn’t very expensive – and Wrapcandy fit the bill perfectly!!! I, too, started with the Basic program and quickly upgraded to Pro, but the FORUM is what really makes this product more than worthwhile. The generosity that the members show by sharing, helping, encouraging, praying, etc. is FANTASTIC!!! It really is like a family (some ups and downs along the way) and I truly appreciate everyone’s participation no matter how big or small. Thanks, Ryan, for all you do.
Karen Wolf (her Wrapcandy Store is below)



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