Can I Add My Photos and Graphics

Yes, you bet you can.  You can import any and as many photos you want to use as well as clipart.  You can also copy and paste into Wrapcandy from many other programs.

(just make sure you have the rights to use any image you utilize)




Software Only Order Options

NO Monthly Fees

Free Updates and Support for a Full Year.

Activation is for the Life of your computer and may be installed on 3 of your own personal or business computers even after support and updates have expired.   (Note, you must have the installation file from your purchase so be sure to save it)


Our Community is a Paid Membership and gives you access to over 200,000 graphics and designs.

Standard Personal Use Membership is $5.00 per Month

Elite Business Membership is $10.00 Per Month Or Get the Yearly Option. (Cancel Anytime and Keep what you download)




DOES Your Software Run on a MAC

  1. Windows 10

  2. Windows 8.1, 8

  3. Windows 7

  4. Windows Vista

*Windows XP (Works, but will not be supported in the future)

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CAN WORK, but requires additional purchases not sold by Wrapcandy, and a valid copy of windows.

Cost needs to be taken into consideration. It is almost cheaper to get a new 300.00 laptop with Windows installed then it is to run a program like Parallels which allows you to Run Windows on a Mac

(Parallels is one solution and it works for some members)  This is option that we know works from our members, but we have no personal experience




Where Can I Buy Supplies

  1. Yes, you can use your own supplies.  When you purchase our software, you are not forced to buy supplies that cost extra. If you can get them cheaper elsewhere, please do so.  This is about your needs, not ours.Note, You most likely have everything you need right now.  A color inkjet or laser printer, tape or glue stick, Scissors and paper.

    We have a page dedicated to supplies, see it here.

    Top recommendations

    Candy Wrapper Foil




Can I Print Multiple Wrappers on a Sheet

  1. This simply depends on what you are making.   Wrapcandy takes the size of you design according to your needs, factors in any magins you may require and then automatically determines how many to print.You can change these before you print.  Just click >>FILE PROPERTIES

    NOTE:  The program can only calculate based on the print layout that is checked or not checked.

    If you have a design that is 2 inches by 9 inches and you do not have landscape checked, none will be able to print on a page.  9 inches is longer than the 8.5 page.  If you check the landscape box, it should print 5.  unless you have your margins set too high.




Can I Make Money Selling Wrappers

  1. Really this is up to you and not Wrapcandy.   Since We cannot control how you invest your time, your money and if you have the wisdom to reinvest back into your company, we cannot guarantee  your success.If you treat this like a job, you can make money and it can be amazing.  Louie from is a wonderful success story.

    He hosted a chat with us and shared some great tips with members of our paid community.

    If you are struggling in businesses and need some advice, use the contact form at the bottom of this page and let us know what you need help with.



If you didn’t find the answer to your question, please feel free to contact us anytime. We try to keep our response times under 24 hours.

For help after hours, Members Please check out our Support Forum.  There are over 1,000,000 posts and shares there and members are more than willing to help.