Dollar Store Christmas Craft


My wife loves the dollar store, so I had her put together a quick Christmas project for less than $5.00.

What you need.

A  Dollar Store vase.  Try to find a taller one.  They have many different types

A Dollar Store Glass Candle Holder (optional)

A Dollar Store “Fake Candle” battery operated candle)

Some Foil Shreds (Silver, Red) your choice.

Some Christmas Ornament Balls.   Every dollar store carries a variety of Christmas Ornaments so you choose the ones you want to use.  The smaller the better.

Here is a photo of Jan just randomly putting her new Christmas ornament vases together.

Jan is putting a few of the Christmas ornaments and some foil shreds into the vases.   There is no particular formula, you just mix it the way you like.







The above picture is the Dollar Store Christmas Project finished.  Each dollar store vase, has a smaller “Glass Candle Holder” inside of them with a Faux (fake candle light)  They look just fine without the candles.

If you would like to see more pictures of the project, please post a comment below.




5 Replies to “Dollar Store Christmas Craft”

  1. Great idea! Just a question though, does it have be the battery operated candles, can we not use real candles?

    1. Hi Raquel,

      It doesn’t have to be. We have little ones and don’t trust them around real candles. Just make sure the candle holders fit snug into the top of the vase and keep the Foil shreds to a minimum or only add them near the bottom. We don’t want you to create a fire hazard.

  2. Jan and Ryan this is so pretty………. wow like it alot…….. Merry Christmas to you and your family !!!

  3. this is really cute. I like the idea of a faux candle too, prevents a fire hazard as you said. thanks for sharing this.

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