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1.  Does Your Software Support the New Candy Wrappers?

Hershey and Nestlé are packaging their candy bars in a single plastic wrapper and no longer sell them with the foil.  With Wrapcandy.com Software, you can still get the classic Foil Look, or the New Closed End look; we provide templates for both.  Click here for visual instructions.

2.   What Type of Paper Should I Use?

You can use any type of paper you wish.  From standard copy paper to high gloss photo paper.  For best results we recommend a Bright White paper 113 or higher.  You can use middle weight semi-gloss photo paper too.

3.   What Exactly Do I Need to Get Started?

Making candy wrappers only requires a few items. The Wrapcandy.com Platinum Edition Software, a pair of trusty scissors, a photo safe glue stick, and some semi-gloss photo paper (you can use any type of paper you wish, but semi-gloss photo paper produces terrific results.)

4.   Can I Add My Own Graphics?

You Bet!  You can add any .jpg, .gif or .bmp file you wish.  Just Click Insert>>>Insert Picture>>> Locate it on your hard drive or any other type of storage device available on your computer and hit okay.  Presto! You can even resize your picture using our Candy Wrapper Program!

5.   Do I Need Any Other Program?

No.  Wrapcandy.com Platinum Edition is a Stand-Alone Software program. You will not need a separate program to make candy wrappers, or to import images. 

6.   Do You Offer Support?

You Bet!  We offer support via email, support@wrapcandy.com or via our support forum (Currently 1700+ Members Strong!)  (Because we offer free updates and graphics, our support forum is only available to Wrapcandy.com Owners.  The link is provided in the eBook).

7.  What are Fully Customizable Templates?

Fully customizable templates are predeisgned Candy wrapper designs, that can be edited and changed to fit your need.  You can edit, delete or add anything including the background image of every 40 + Candy Wrapper Templates. See All Wrappers as Thumbnail Images

8.   How Many Graphics Come with the Program?

Over 650 Royalty Free Graphics are included with our software program.  As an owner of our Candy Wrapper Software, you may use any of our exclusive graphics royalty free on any printed material for fun or profit! Click here to see sample graphics

9.   Where Can I Buy Supplies?

We recommend you buy the Candy Bars at Costco or Sam's Club.  You can get them for about .30 to .35 cents each.

Click Here to view our candy wrapper supply page!

10.  Do I Have To Pay Royalties?

No Way!  Once you've purchased our Candy Wrapper Software, you can use or create wrappers for fun or profit without paying any royalties.



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