A Re-Introduce


Hi there! I had so much fun with Wrap Candy about 10 years ago, then life got in the way. Tonight decided to do a little Wrap Candy search and VOILA even my old login works! Happy to be back and finding new projects to share. (in the meantime, masks and masks and masks)... Be well y'all!


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Saying hi to everyone who remembers me and those that don't even know me. (RogerWrapit)
Been a long time. 2005-2013 or thereabouts. Will stop in from time to time.
Lee Siefert
I signed up for Wrapcandy on 4/15/11 and am getting an error message stating I am not registered. Who do I contact for access? Thanks!


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@geanine, great to see you here. :) So sorry for your computer crashing, I always hate to see that. :(

You can go to wrapcandy.com (not the forum, but the main wrapcandy site) and go to your account (upper left link 'my account'). Scroll down and under 'active resources' you will find your software download (says 'required wrapcandy software' directly under the download link). Then you can get your software back onto your new computer.