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Hello I am in urgent need of a few Halloween mini alpha sets. Customers wanting to place an order. I seen to not have the entire set of letters. HELP!
(Halloween Ghost Alpha Set and Halloween Checkered Alphabet)
Hello, It has been years since I've used Wrap Candy program. Has anything been updated since 2013? How would you rate the program now?
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Nothing has changed since 2013 to my knowledge. I don't remember though when 7.4 came out. It's great to see you 'home' @topshawna! If you log into your wrapcandy.com account (not the forum) and scroll down, on the left you should see the download link for your current version available. I agree with Donna, it's the best. :)
I am also coming back ...it's been a long time and i've missed the forum so much. :)
I'm also coming back, been in and out of the hospital for years. feeling better now.
Aloha, it’s been way to long. I am trying to get Wrap Candy installed on my iPad and it seem that it can’t be unzipped. Please help. Mahalo