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Free Poster Maker Gets Props from I love free software

It’s a Warm Fuzzy! Last night,  I received an email from stating that they have posted an official review for our free Wrap Candy Poster Maker Software.    ~~Oh, yeah, sure you did, I thought to myself.  I didn’t hit the delete button as I was slightly curious but went along answering email for customers like usual. Soon after,  I noticed a huge spike in signups for our free poster maker.  Since I haven’t sent out any promotions for the poster maker, or even Free poster Maker Softwareadvertised it on our website site,  I figured I would check out their so called review. Honestly, i figured it would be a “blurb” or “canned” response copied directly off my own website.    To my surprise, they actually did a full review.    They not only downloaded, installed but also registered the software with Wrapcandy.   They even took their own screen shots and explained how our little program worked. A big thanks to I Love Free Software for actually doing a real review.   View the Review Here You can get our free poster maker software here

I Love Free Software

I Love Free Software