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Hershey Kiss Sayings and Quotes

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Personalized Hershey Kiss Labels


Kisses: Angels (use gold foil Kisses) As Angels fly Across the sky They shower down some wishes ____________________________ So here’s a few Just for you A bunch of Golden Angel Kisses

_____________________________ Angel Kisses There are so many kinds of kisses, Some for love, and some for good wishes. But here is the one that can’t be beat Angel Kisses–so wonderful and sweet! _____________________________ Angel Kisses These are angel kisses Sprinkled with lots of love Sent to you from heaven and blessed from up above. So when you are sad and lonely And you wish your day was through; Just have an angel kiss and know I think of you. Back To The Top Anniversary Kisses Anniversary Hugs and Kisses Fifty (Twenty Five) years of wedded bliss You deserve a great big kiss A hug or two are also here Congratulations to the lucky pair Best Wishes are in store How about trying for 50 (25) more! Happy Anniversary! Back To The Top St. Patrick’s Day This little bag, Filled with kisses, Is given to you with Leprechaun (or Irish) Kisses! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Back To The Top Valentine Kisses Cupid Kisses I couldn’t send you flowers And candy wouldn’t do Mushy cards just didn’t say The Things I want them to So I got you something special In case his arrow misses I found you something very rare Its genuine CUPID KISSES ! Back To The Top Wedding Sayings Back To The Top