Make a Gumball Candy Dish Craft

How to Make a Gumball Machine
By Pati

Gumball Candy Dishes



1 (one) 4″ Terra Cotta Pot
2 (two) 4″ Terra Cotta Saucers
1 (one) Bubble Bowl.. Found at Walmart sku# 3100927117
1 (one) Wooden Ball – 1 1/4″
1 (one) Tube E6000 Adhesive
1 (one) Spray Can Clear Gloss ( Triple Thick – Rustoleum , your choice )
Acrylic Paint

Update. Over the past couple of days some talented blog owners have linked to this tutorial. Look at this wonderful creation by Sue








1. Paint Both Terra Cotta pot and saucers –and knob- let dry overnight..
( if you were going to add a graphic and/or face plate , you would do this after the paint has dried overnight )
** Note – Face Plate directions below **

2. Place Terra Cotta Pot upside down…apply E6000 to the bottom rim of the pot..
apply Saucer-  let dry OVERNIGHT.











Add Wooden Ball to Saucer number 2, with the E6000 (let dry overnight)











4. Add lid to top of Bubble Bowl… and WELLA !! Gumball Candy Dish…












The face plate size is pretty much up to you… I use the dimensions either
2 1/4 x 2 1/4″… choice is yours…  Here is one for a Birthday.  Feel free to use it.

Clown image by Alice Smith


Print your faceplate… let dry… I spray mine with a clear gloss… to not only to give it shine, but also for extra protection…let dry overnight…

Apply Faceplate to Terra cotta pot…I use either a glue runner or glue stick.. ( your choice )

Apply Clear Gloss to entire piece ( Terra Cotta Pot with Graphic.. Terra Cotta Saucer with
Knob ) *****ADD BOWL LAST… HARD to remove residue

from Clear Gloss.. I know ! ****

Have fun..
Tutorial by:
Pati aka SimplySaidSweets




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