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Making a TUBE for PaintShop Pro


Making a TUBE for PaintShop Pro by Wrapster


In a nutshell a tube is an image without a background. This allows you to layer them, paint with them, arrange them, and totally create new pictures with a combination of tubes and save them in any popular format such as JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, etc..

For the purposes of this tutorial we will be creating a butterfly tube using the following image created with Poser 5, DAZ3D, and Photoshop.

I will be using Paintshop Pro ver. 9 by JASC Software for this Tutorial and I will assume you have at least a fundamental knowledge of PSP.

So what you need to do first is get this butterfly to your computer. It's a JPG so put your mouse over it and right click. Select SAVE PICTURE AS and put this on your desktop for easy finding.

You have my permission as the creator of this image to use it for the purpose of this tutorial but you may not redistribute it, sell it, or use for anything other then following this tutorial.


Assuming you had no problems getting this image to your desktop go ahead and open up PSP and either select FILE>OPEN>Butterfly1.jpg or drag and drop it into PSP.


Now, the first thing we need to do is select the butterfly and separate it from the white background. To do this we are first going to duplicate the current layer with the butterfly on it. On the right hand side in the LAYERS toolbox you will see BACKGROUND, right click this and select DUPLICATE. This will make an exact copy of the butterfly on a new layer.


So now you should have two layers of the same thing. Now to get rid of that background. Select the MAGIC WAND from the tools on the left then selecting the new layer we just made by clicking the magic wand on any of the white area around the butterfly and then pressing the DELETE KEY. Looks like nothing happened right ??? Wrong, you just deleted the background from the current layer.


The final step to getting this image ready to becoming a tube is to remove the background altogether from the image. To do this you need to go back to the LAYERS toolbox on the right and right click the layer marked as BACKGROUND then select DELETE. Now you should your butterfly on a grey and white checkered background


With the background gone now we can turn this into a tube. This is really easy from here on out. Click on FILE>EXPORT>PICTURE TUBE a new window will open, the only thing we need to worry about at this point is naming the tube. For this tutorial let's just name it butterfly, enter that in the lower left text box then click OK and guess what, you are done making the tube. Go ahead and close the picture with the butterfly on it, don't worry about saving it as we're done with it.


Now click on FILE>NEW and make a new blank document with a 600x600 size.

Now on the left hand side in your toolbox click on the TUBE tool ( the little marker looking thing with the lines under it ). Then go up to the top above the image and click the little box with an image in it, then locate your tube you made and click on it. This selects the butterfly we made as the tube we want to use and closes the selection window leaving us with the 600x600 image.


Now put your cursor over the centre of the new image and left click it. This put your butterfly in the image. It works !!!! This is where you rejoice and tell everyone that you can now make tubes.

Now, this time when you left click, hold the button down and drag it around some, you are now painting with the butterfly we made.


< Painting with your butterfly tube

And thus concludes this tutorial on how to make a tube for Paintshop Pro.



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