Mini Bar Candy Cake, Mini Workshop And Members Challenge


Edited 4-27-2016:


I neglected to include the actual template files which is kind of important. You might want to redownload if you didn’t get any CWR files in the package.

If you use Silverlight or Internet Explorer it tries to download CWR files as if they are html files. Download them all as a single zip file or use another Browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome.

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NOTE: The thumbnail is what a 3 tier candy cake looks like assembled. BUT I don’t have a finished product photo for the mother’s day design to use as a display 😮

Get the Template, Personalize it anyway you like.

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17 Replies to “Mini Bar Candy Cake, Mini Workshop And Members Challenge”

  1. @ryansaw, okay, so just to get it right, you will be adding to this thread the bits and pieces required to make the candy cake. All that downloads is the picture above???

  2. I am confused. Where is the template for the boxes. I would love to do this but without that I can't figure out how

  3. Just to let you know, there are no templates when downloading the zip after subscribing, only the embellishments. Where do we find the template?

  4. wishfulthinker

    ? html page

    it worked for me Roxy……….
    click on the link above the sample sheet above
    once on that page scroll down past all the little boxes with a green download tab ..under that is the word download…click on that it gives you your download

  5. I am there! Thank you. Now just got to decipher the instructions, slowly, one by one, and stay sane! lol. Perseverence usually persists and I will get there. My aim….. to let you see what I manage to do – in time. Einstein I am not! lol.
    Thank you though for showing me clearly, the way to go. I really did help :oops::confused: ::D
    Might even manage my first candy cake. Yeah…..

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