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New Candy Wrappers for March 2014


Willy Wonka Inspired Candy Wrappers, Birthday Candy Wrappers.  Requires Wrapcandy 7.3 Download it in your 

Personalized Willy Wonka Inspired Candy Wrapper

Click on the Wonka Bar front wrapper to download.

Willy Wonka Candy Wrapper

This is the Back of the Wonka Bar. No need to download.


Wonka Inspired Candy Wrappers

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willy Wonka birthday candy wrapper

This is simply for display purposes. If you own our software, you are free to use any of our samples on your website.

2 New Personalized Baby Shower Candy Bar Wrappers


Baby Shower Candy Wrapper Template from


Inksaver template Back of a Baby Shower Design

Baby Shower Candy Wrappers

Baby Shower Candy Wrappers


Back of the Jungle Themed Candy Wrapper

 New From Candy Wrappers members from the Easter Fun Thread. This is just a small samaple in the 10 + pages.

Color me in Candy bar wrappers

Easter Fun Candy Wrapper Project. Color me in!



Color me In wrapper by Paula

Color me In wrapper by Paula

Elegant Easter candy Wrappers

Elegant Easter candy Wrappers

damask Easter 1lavender_SAMPLE

Click the Wrapper to Download


Mini Easter Bunny by Mary

Easter Fun Candy Bar Wrappers

Easter Fun Candy Bar Wrappers

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