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Discussion in 'Daily Share Board (Public)' started by myunicornlfm, Feb 1, 2017.

  1. myunicornlfm

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    I've been sitting here missing Dad sooo much because everywhere I turn his belongings are here... Even his Christmas presents and then I remembered that we has bought him a bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream that he had not been able to sip on because he never made it home for Christmas (A small sip was able to calm him) so....

    I'm going to have a sip just to toast My DAD!!

    Here's to you Daddykins... Bottoms up!!!!
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  2. nashsartwork

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    That sounds like a wonderful idea and a wonderful toast! I am sure that he would want you to do just that! xoxo
  3. anamaron

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    Bottoms Up my friend....CHEERS!!!! Wish I was toasting with you. It's 6:15 am in Arizona, so I'll cheer with my coffee mug in hand!!
  4. tlsikora

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    Cheers to your dad and lots of hugs for you Lucie.

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