Eldon's final gift (lucie)

Discussion in 'Friends Board / Lounge' started by myunicornlfm, Jan 31, 2017.

  1. myunicornlfm Elite Plus 2017 Reunion Elite Member Elite Registered Member

    My Dad’s Final gift to Ross & I came quite unexpectedly. Dad had 3 major stokes in the last month of his life. He entered the hospital on Dec. 21 and never came home again. I wasn’t quite sure how much he was able to understand nor were his words readily available to him. In the early morning hours of Jan. 18 as Ross and I stood beside his bed, he was able to say after trying many times "Remember how much I Love you both", without him realizing it, those words gave us the necessary strength to remain by his side until the end came, and while Ross had to go to work, I hopped right up in bed with Dad and held him in my arms and stroked his face and hair and assured him that Ross & I would be each other’s strength. When Ross returned (I whole heartedly believe Dad waited for Ross to return) I whispered in Dad’s ear, "no more pain Dad, no more confusion, Dad opened his eyes (which had remained closed for 3 days) and looked at us and then took 2 rather ordinary breaths and let go. I’m crying as I type this but not totally out of sorrow, but also out of gratitude to My Dad, because he unexpectedly gave Ross and I the courage and the strength to know that although the pain in our hearts is great, so is the joy in having been able to enrich his life as he enriched ours in the end.

    I wanted to share this with you all because to Dad you were his family.

    I know that Dad is saying to you all "Much Love My Ladies"

    Much Love
    Lucie & Ross :(
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  2. anamaron Lifetime Elite Platinum Elite Plus 2017 Reunion

    This is sooo beautiful Lucie!!! Your description is so vivid and touching! In the end a beautiful death bc he had both of you right there! You are truly a loving and amazing daughter and friend! Thank you for sharing this with us!! WE love you and YOUR dad! He was our dad too!!
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  3. sfandm Staff Member Elite Plus 2017 Reunion Elite Registered Member

    I have been crying reading this, as I was not able to be by my dads side when he died; I live in Texas, he in New Mexico. Thank God I was able to see him a month before he went tho. He went from being such a strong real man to a shell of a person, he could not even control any of his bodily functions in the end, and he went very painfully as my sisters who live there have told me.

    I can NOT imagine his pain and all that he suffered, and I so wish that he could have gone in peace and that I could have been there. I will forever remember all the things we used to do together, as he was an awesome tree man and landscaper, plus he loved to garden and do a lot of things outside, but I am sad that he will never be able to see my grandchildren grow up, or any of my daughters get married.

    I have struggled lately with all the woulda, coulda, shoulda's that I have been thinking about, but I am glad to be back here where I can escape my everyday depression and see a little bit of beauty in everyones creations here.

    Thank you Lucie for sharing your story with us, as I personally know how hard it was for you to write this. Much love from your "sister" here in Texas!
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  4. paulakw "P" Staff Member Staff

    thank you for sharing that special moment with us,

    remembering that will help carry you through the sorrow filled empty days as you adjust to his absence.
    my thoughts and prayers go out to you Ross in the coming days
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  5. nashsartwork 2017 Reunion Day Pass Team Permissions

    That is very special and a wonderful memory to keep. Thank you for sharing!
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  6. roberta [aka: Bobbi] Lifetime Elite Platinum Elite Plus 2017 Reunion

    :::wiping eyes::: thank you for sharing Lucie, and God Bless. Many :::hugs::: to you and Ross and your family. So precious of a memory to hold onto, and I know you will forever. He was a very special person from what we've grown to know here, and I'm so glad you shared this with us.
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  7. latitude LIFETIME MEMBER Elite

    Everyone should be that blessed to have loving, caring people at their side when the time comes.
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  8. wishfulthinker Roxy Staff Member Staff

    I concur with the sentiments that have been said. Eldon is there for you as you were for him. You gave each other strength.
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