Faux inspired candy bouquet/candy cake mini set

Discussion in 'Faux Inspired Wrappers' started by paulakw, May 29, 2017.

  1. paulakw "P" Staff Member Staff

    for my nieces graduation I made her a huge candy bouquet...she is a chocolate chip cookie lover ...so I have made ALOT of chocolate chip cookies for her over the years ...so I call her my cookie monster
    so.....made her graduation bouquet with a cookie monster theme
    showing pictures of the front and the back and a sample of the mini I used for her bouquet

    When I made her bouquet, I only made the alpha letters that I needed for her bouquet .......so I finished making the alpha and then since hers was a purple sparkly background and sized for hershey snacksize cookies n crème bars I remade the candy bouquet mini set to share with the forum with a background better suited for a cookie monster theme for boys or girls
    then posting the new set I made to share

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  2. tlsikora Tammy Elite Plus Elite Member

    Beautiful job! Is that a container of homemade cookies?
  3. anamaron Lifetime Elite Platinum Elite Plus 2017 Reunion

    This is beautiful!! Thank you Paula!
  4. OP

    paulakw "P" Staff Member Staff

    it is a large glass canister (about 9.5 inches across by 12 inches tall) that I put foam in the very center...then filled it in with with cheap purchased choc chip cookies between the glass and the foam so it looked like it was full of cookies (I couldn't make myself waste homemade ones :p ) I was originally going to use homemade cookies...but then I was at the groc store and they had the cookies 3 pkg for $5.00 ...so I went that route....as it was I made over 600 cookies for her reception!:)
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  5. jjhoward777 Elite Plus Registered Member

    Awww that is so cute, you make the best bouquets I wish I could see one in real life I know it would be breath taking. Thank You for sharing
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  6. nashsartwork Elite Plus 2017 Reunion Elite Member

    Paula! You have a very lucky niece! You are wonderful! Thank you for sharing!
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  7. OP

    paulakw "P" Staff Member Staff

    thanks all !! ...don't forget...if you don't make candy bouquets or candy cakes....you can still use the candy bouquet minis for the name things strips !!
  8. bev12sue Maui Hawaii May 2014 Elite Plus

    Very nice, you did a great job on the bouquet. That niece is a very lucky young lady having a aunt like you to spoil her.
  9. wishfulthinker Roxy Staff Member Staff

    Amazing job with the cookie monster display. Thank you for showing and for sharing the wrappers @paulakw.
  10. latitude LIFETIME MEMBER Elite

    Paula, way too cute. She is a lucky girl:)
  11. dusia Danita21 Elite Plus Elite

    Another beautiful set Paula, thank you for sharing with us.
  12. OP

    paulakw "P" Staff Member Staff

    LOl ...well, she does know she is spoiled ...and does appreciate it....
    She is a lifeguard and works up at the pool here in town and sometimes during the summer when she is working I will bake a batch of chocolate chips cookies and then walk up to the pool to give her fresh cookies to have for her lunch break ...and then after she gets off work she will stop down and get the rest of the batch to take home and share with the rest of her family .....but often times she will have me package some separately just for her so she doesn't have to share them ! :rolleyes:
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  13. latitude LIFETIME MEMBER Elite

    I like her thinking on the separate package just for her. Chocolate cookies are not for sharing. In my house they are mine, all mine:)
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  14. bev12sue Maui Hawaii May 2014 Elite Plus

    I don't blame her at all I am known for hiding cookies and or any kind of snack that I love and don't want to share. LOL Lucky for me that Clark doesn't care for soft cookies and I love them. He likes those old hard ones that will break your teeth.
  15. OP

    paulakw "P" Staff Member Staff

    yea....Mitch had quite a fondness for sweets of any kind....and if I didn't want him to eat it all ...I had to hide it . It was not at all unusual for him to be up at 2 in the morning eating whatever sweet stuff I had made that day and was sitting on the counter or in the fridge. At night after we had supper and then had dessert ...the thought of it just stayed with him and he wouldn't be able to sleep just knowing there was more out there....sounds silly...but he was a true "foodie" and thankfully was a big fan of my cooking/baking ...and always said mine was "the best"!! :) lol...guess he thought if he didn't "butter me up" I would stop baking for him !:rolleyes:
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  16. bev12sue Maui Hawaii May 2014 Elite Plus

    Doesn't sound silly to me at all, I have the same problem if I should make a pan of brownies, a pie or anything home made I can't stay out of it, just the idea that its in the kitchen has me eating on it non stop. That could be why I am on the heavy side, lol I love good food and mine I like the best. I don't save calories by skimping on ingredients everything I cook is with whole milk, real butter etc. I like to fry with real lard. No diet stuff for me and I look it but you only live once so I am going to enjoy my good food while I can. I have a friend who won't eat much more than a lettuce leaf and carrot stick days on end. Not sure how she does it but she is skinny and I am not so guess that is why. LOL If I am going to eat I want flavor. BUT in my favor I don't have any cholesterol issues and it always runs low, how I am not sure. But thank goodness it doesn the way I eat.
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  17. tlsikora Tammy Elite Plus Elite Member

    Thanks for explaining it. That is so clever. Can't believe you made 600+ cookies! I get tired just making a double batch, haha.
  18. kazoo LIFETIME MEMBER 2017 Reunion Elite

    I love it, thanks for the share!
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  19. myunicornlfm Elite Plus Elite Member Elite Registered Member

    @paulakw Oh My Gosh!! So I can't resist telling this story. When my son Tim was 3, he and Mom & Dad went up into the field behind their house to feed "his horsie". For whatever reason Trixie reared and kicked Tim in the face tearing off the whole side, he has had many surgeries, the latest was a new nose to match all of his adult facial growth which was made in California. Point being while Tim was in hospital he was unable to see his favorite TV show which was "Sesame Street" so I would sit in the TV room cradling him and relaying everything that showed on the screen. I mean he wanted to know every single detail. I jokingly referred to him as "my little Cookie Monster". BTW the new nose was made to last the rest of his life so there will be no more surgeries and the plastic surgeon made it so that if you didn't know what had happened to him you wouldn't be able to easily detect the scars. With his shaved head and long goatee the scars above his eye just gives him more "character" :rolleyes::cool::D

    Thank You soooo much for this set Miss Paula, I'm going to make it up for Tim.
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  20. OP

    paulakw "P" Staff Member Staff

    always nice to re-visit memories ...even the bitter-sweet ones :oops:
    glad to hear the surgeon did a good job! .....however ...even the scars (inside and out) in life help shape who we are meant to be as well as who we end up being ....
    hope he enjoys the cookie monster set!
  21. myunicornlfm Elite Plus Elite Member Elite Registered Member

    I find revisiting any past memories helps heal my soul. And we sure have our share of scars. Tim and I have a very special bond as we grew up together, I was only 16 when I had him. I'm positive he will enjoy the cookie monster set, so Thank You again for it.
  22. graceg Elite Plus

    Love your bouquet Paula. So creative how you placed the cookies in the container. I'm sure your niece LOVED it!
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  23. baseballmom Elite Plus 2017 Reunion Elite Member Elite

    How adorable and using the cookies in the container was a great idea.
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  24. jenel Queen of Her Own World! Staff Member Lifetime Elite Platinum Elite Plus 2017 Reunion

    very cute thank you
  25. huskystar LIFETIME MEMBER 2017 Reunion

    Its beautiful
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