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Discussion in 'Daily Share Board (Public)' started by maxluv, Feb 7, 2017.

  1. maxluv

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    Did some of these memory cards a couple years ago, and the woman that i made them for ask me to make her a few more for someone else..when i looked at the date thought maybe she had it wrong, but no she had it right the person passed in 2005 but they never had a memorial service for him and she wanted to have some closure so our pastor is going to do a small ceremony for about 5 people, kinda sad..but glad i could do something for her. Couldn't remember how i did print and back and front with glad i was able to transfer everything from my old computer to this one..saw that i had someone saved the images as PDF and printed that way, but couldnt figure that out so i was able to save the image in WC and then put in Word and well it worked my printer does double side printing so i had no problem...wish i had remembered that or thought of it when i was doing 2 sided bookmarks few weeks ago,lol. Now just need to laminate them.

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  2. latitude

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    It is a little sad but it's so nice that you could do something for her.
  3. paulakw

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    nice job on them ! yes...2005 has been a bit ago.....but nothing wrong with doing it now!!
    thanks for showing us another of your projects
  4. maxluv

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    Yes since that time one of the ladies that knew him passed away as well, well one that i know of, could be more, but im glad she will feel better knowing that they did something for him.
  5. nashsartwork

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    It is kind of sad...but you found a way to make it beautiful!
  6. tlsikora

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    Nice work. Always love seeing your creations.
  7. wishfulthinker

    wishfulthinker Roxy Staff Member Staff

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    Nice idea. Memorials can be held at any time I guess so there is no time scale. Thank you for showing us @maxluv

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