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Discussion in 'Friends Board / Lounge' started by jenel, Nov 16, 2017.

  1. jenel Queen of Her Own World! Staff Member Lifetime Elite Platinum Elite Plus 2017 Reunion

    I have a customer who wants the pillow pouch with the flap like the one in the picture. Does anyone have one they would like to share please? Thank you in advance

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  2. paulakw "P" Staff Member Staff

    could probably just crop a scallop circle and add to pillow box in place of the normal glue tab ..... ????
    will see what I can do ..........
  3. paulakw "P" Staff Member Staff

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  4. OP

    jenel Queen of Her Own World! Staff Member Lifetime Elite Platinum Elite Plus 2017 Reunion

    Yes! Thank you Paula, that will work! You come to the rescue again.
  5. paulakw "P" Staff Member Staff

    ...forgot to mention...feel free to resize to suit your needs...
    I just went with this size because it is the size I seem to use most often ... could go bigger or smaller and work fine

    .....I am sure you know...but for others that may snag ...please resize proportionately for best assembly results
  6. latitude LIFETIME MEMBER Elite

    Paula, thank you for the help and the new template:)
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  7. tlsikora Tammy Elite Plus Elite Member

    Thanks for helping with a new template, Paula. This is really neat!
  8. dusia Danita21 Elite Plus Elite

    Thank you for helping and sharing the new template.
  9. bev12sue Maui Hawaii May 2014 Elite Plus

    Thanks for helping and sharing Paula, looks great.
  10. maxluv Staff Elite Plus

    Nice box...thanks for sharing Paula
  11. dalaco Elite Plus 2017 Reunion Elite Member Elite Registered Member

    Thank you.
  12. lynnem Elite Plus Registered Member

    That is way too cute!! Thanks for making/sharing the template.
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