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    Hello everyone. As many of you have heard, our dear friend MaryAnn Remsberg has passed away. Some of her friends both current and past members of WrapCandy are organizing a fund raiser. The information about this fund raiser has been posted in the forum entitled Graphic partners. In an effort to reach out to more members I have taken the liberty of posting information here. Many of those who are donating graphics/designs are current and past WrapCandy members. I hope you will read the below information and if you can make a donation that would be wonderful and if you can't, please keep MaryAnn's family in your prayers. We have already received many wonderful designs and graphics ... Many of them are no longer available on WrapCandy ...

    Some of you have recently learned the passing of one of our WC Designer Graphics Parnters, MaryAnn Remsberg. MaryAnn died very suddenly on September 17th and has left her family and many friends including WC friends in a state of shock. Some of her dearest friends have decided to have a fund raiser in her honor. The money to be given to her family to cover whatever costs they have incurred due to her sudden death. Some of the people who have set up the fund are no longer members of WC, but Ryan has given permission to let members know of this Fund Raiser in her memory. The information is as follows:
    If you would like to donate designs, graphics, wrappers please send to Rose Emerson at or 4cat (Cathy Quesada Davis) at
    If you wish to make a donation and in turn receive the many graphics that have already been donated, a donation of a minimum of $7.00 or more can be sent to the Paypal Account of Holly Hanson at Holly Hanson … who will in turn send the money to Rose to give to the family.
    All graphic donations will be posted on a FaceBook page specifically set up by Rose. You will be given access to the files that will be posted in the Photo section under Albums once Holly notifies Cat and/or Rose that she has received a donation. You will then be sent the link to the FaceBook page. If you do not have a Facebook account, please let Rose or Cathy know.

    Many of you may remember MaryAnn as a talented person who would go out of her way to help anyone on WrapCandy. Her friendship and professionalism will be sorely missed by many. Her graphics and shares are listed in the forum section of WC Designer Graphic Partners.
    I hope that you will help with this fund raiser. Should you need any further information you can find it here:
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