ELLIS ISLAND Paddy wagon for police officers, sheriff, etc.

Discussion in 'eLLis isLand' started by ellis, Mar 17, 2017.

  1. ellis Elite Plus Elite Member Registered Member

    Ryan shared my police cars and school buses the other day because I wasn't sure I knew how to post -- I think maybe I've figured it out and so I'll be posting my stuff on Ellis Island (when I try to go to the other forums, it won't take my log-in!)
    So, here's the cwr for the paddy wagons - wrap them around hershey Nuggets and paste. Instructions can be found below the cwr. You can change the black to white and make ambulances too, just add text to the door and a red cross somewhere. Very versatile wrap.
    Or, you can remove the "cage and flashing lights" and make a variety of colors for a simple van -- to be used for car dealerships, car salesmen, service vans, etc. (just add text on the doors). Fun stuff!! I'll add the school buses under a separate post.

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  2. paulakw "P" Staff Member Staff

    thanks Linda! ...so nice to see you creating again !
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  3. latitude LIFETIME MEMBER Elite

    Thank you. These will be so useful:)
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  4. jimbo Carol Elite Plus

    Thank you for sharing, this is so cute.
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  5. nashsartwork 2017 Reunion Day Pass Team Permissions

    Thanks so much! So cute!
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  6. margiemcheart 2017 Reunion

    Thank you & welcome back!
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  7. dusia Danita21 Elite Plus Elite

    Thank you
  8. tlsikora Tammy Elite Plus 2017 Reunion Elite Member

    Thanks - super cute. Love them. Thanks for sharing.
  9. heidic Lifetime Elite Platinum Elite Plus 2017 Reunion

  10. wishfulthinker Roxy Staff Member Staff

    Cute idea @ellis - thank you for sharing

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