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  1. tpags1971 Traci P 2017 Reunion Day Pass Team Permissions Registered Member

    Hello everyone
    I need help with what type of paper to use for 2 items. First will be for popcorn it is for a birthday party and there will be a popcorn machine what should I use.
    Second day is for a candy bar. What should I use to make the goodie bags
    ThankS in advance for all your help
  2. paulakw "P" Staff Member Staff

    first, I want to mention, when dealing with food...always remember there is always a chance of natural food "oils" or "grease" residue involved that will be absorbed by the paper/cardstock you are using
    whenever possible I will wrap the food in something else before putting into the printed item ...for instance, I will use saran wrap to wrap the cookie or fold waxed paper around the cookie or use the non zipper type sandwich bags to put cookies in before slipping them into the cookie sleeve

    for the popcorn ...I would print boxes rather than bags ....and use cardstock , they will hold up better .... if you want to do bags.... just use regular paper

    not sure what you mean by the second one,...you say candy bars but then ask what paper to use for goodie bags
    if doing goodie bags...I would use the clear party bags that you can buy at $Tree or WalMart and make a tag and attach with curly ribbon or make a bag topper for them ...if the bags are being prefilled (hard to use the bag topper idea if you cant attach the bag topper to it after filled)

    you don't mention what is being put into the goodie bags...so the contents will make a bit of difference as to what you want to use for paper/cardstock
    if it is small items that wont have a lot of weight, you can use paper to make a pinch bag or small tote or sack of some sort
    if it will be something that has a bit more weight...you will want to use cardstock to make it sturdier/more durable to stand up to the weight of what is being put into the bag

    hope this helps a bit~

    edited: okay...as I re-read...I realize that I think you are talking about a candy buffet (candy bar) LOL ...I read "candy bar" and got stuck with that...not thinking further than the candy isle I guess!! lol ...Sorry.....my error ...not yours !

    you can go lots of ways with this.....again you can use the goody bags that I mentioned above...and use sticker paper to make a label to attach to front of each bag. you can purchase small bags (any type of bag: glassine bags, small paper bags, small tote bags that can be found at party supply places or WalMart or $Tree, even ziplock bags,)and attach labels to them as well...sticker paper or you can glue them depending on the type of bag it is !

    and again...you can do the pinch bags for goodie bags too ....and you can make them from cardstock or regular paper, heavy presentation paper or regular paper....again keep in mind the types of things they will be putting in there...and use the weight paper suitable ....for the most part regular paper will probably be adequate ....

    here is a link to a site with boxes/ bags/ packaging ribbon etc..... has most of the types of bags I mentioned above ... ( I love this place !!......I could go crazy ordering stuff from here...and find a use for every bit of it !! ) :) ...they also have food grade bags/ boxes/ containers that can be dressed up by adding the labels etc....I don't always go this route...but I do use some of these items.
    Candy Bags - Coffee Bags - Glassine Bagshttp://www.nashvillewraps.com/coffee-bags/mc-029.html

    as for the "sticker paper" ...you can buy the full sheet adhesive labels at WalMart or office supply stores then print and cut your labels in any shape and/or size you want
    you can also use the name badge labels or smaller adhesive shipping labels or address labels if you want to attach labels to boxes/bags etc.

    again...hope this helps a bit .....now that I think I got it straight as to what you are needing info on o_O
    (my error, not yours :rolleyes: )
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  3. latitude LIFETIME MEMBER Elite

    Okay lady, you are way smarter then the average bear ( remember Yogi and Boo Boo?).
    I still have no idea what is needed. Just me, I think. Back problems and lots of meds lol.
    Thanks for helping her out:)
  4. paulakw "P" Staff Member Staff

    yes I definitely remember Yogi and Boo-Boo ...and my brother used to say "Smarter than the average bear" that all the time (all his life) ( trying to use that same voice!! o_O ) LOL

    and no...that doesn't apply to me !!! ...definitely NOT smarter then the average bear! ...just things I have learned and picked up along the way...and lots of trial and error!!

    so I tried to cover all the bases.... there really is never a simple yes or no answer...there are so many variables and so much depends on a persons personal preference .... as well as cost ...and then
    there is also the if you want to do it cheaply as possible, if you want to do it right, if you want to do it quick, if you want to do it easy...etc... .... (which, by the way, do not necessarily contradict one another)

    there really isn't much in life that HAS to be done one certain way....lots of people, lots of personalities, lots of imagination, ideas and creativity and LOTS of possibilities!!! :)

    if someone else had taken the time to stop in and post an answer....the response might well have been MUCH different...sadly...she got me ...so lots of variables to think about.:rolleyes:o_O
    so basically I am just offering ideas/suggestions...and trying to give the reasons why I go a certain way...but don't want people to think it has to be done that way ...give advantages disadvantages .......then people can choose the way they want to go with it ......no right way no wrong way.... just what works best for each individual

    so sorry to hear you are still having issues with your back! ...hope you are feeling better soon !!
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  5. smjackson2 Blessed Lifetime Elite Platinum Elite Plus 2017 Reunion

    Thanks for helping Paula!
    I loved Yogi and BooBoo, that was a good cartoon, not like some of them they have on tv now. o_O
  6. wishfulthinker Roxy Staff Member Staff

    Thank you for helping Paula. I did look, went away and forgot about it. Normally try to answer when I see something BUT your answer was much more comprehensive than mine would have been, so I am glad you answered first! Thanks again. :)
  7. paulakw "P" Staff Member Staff

    did this help at all??
  8. OP

    tpags1971 Traci P 2017 Reunion Day Pass Team Permissions Registered Member

    Thank you so much for all your help sorry so long since I have been on crazy past month. I appreciate all your help I hope you no that
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