Elite Members SOLVED TY....ISO help on how tro make a display binder with samples of work

Discussion in 'Wrapcandy Elite Main Sharing Board' started by kath2502, Mar 15, 2010.

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  1. kath2502 Registered Member

    I did a search and a long time back there was a post on this but i lost it and now can not find it agian. Does anyone have directions on how to make a binder that has a bunch of thumbnail pics on each page of there work? I have microsoft word and vista on my laptop. If anyone could please share any info i would be really grateful. Thank you Kathy
  2. angel girl Registered Member

    since you solved it I'd be grateful if you could share it with me

  3. njc625 Registered Member

  4. imogenelynn Registered Member

    I needed to know that too,,,so my daughter sent me these instructions,,,,hope it helps,,it did me,,,,Open any photo. It should open in Windows Photo Gallery. In the right hand corner, you should see go to gallery. It should open up thumbnails of all of your pics in the same folder as the pic you opened. From there, you can click each individual picture or just click in the corner and hold down and drag the mouse to select them all. At the top where the buttons are, click print then select print. On the right side, you will see different icons for how you can print (2 on a page, 3, etc). On the very bottom you should see contact sheet (35). The print preview should update to show you how it is going to print.
  5. ccwm 2017 Reunion Day Pass Team Permissions Registered Member

    Here is a link to the 'discussion' about this topic. Thought I would post the link so newbies can find it easier.

  6. bjs1952 Lifetime Elite Platinum Elite Plus 2017 Reunion

    Thank you for the detailed instructions I've been wondering how to do that and it worked great.
  7. OP

    kath2502 Registered Member

    the instructions above are what i found too. Sorry for the late response. Kathy
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