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Discussion in 'Wrapcandy Elite Main Sharing Board' started by jodibeck, Oct 4, 2010.

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  1. jodibeck aMember user Registered Member

    Does anyone know where to get cheap hershey bars in bulk? The cheapest I found is $17.29 plus tax for a box of 36.
  2. maxluv Staff Elite Plus

    That is cheap, depends on what part of the country you in..although where i am i can get 36 for $16.08. Sometimes stores have the 6 pk onsale.
  3. paulakw "P" Staff Member Staff

    Walmart periodically runs specials on them 3/1.00
    and with Halloween coming up...they may have them at a sale price....

    it sort of depends on your area....what discount stores are in your area etc ....if you have a Sam's Club nearby, you may want to check there.....
    sometimes target has a sale on them...you just gotta check around and watch the local ads....
  4. zybertex

    zybertex Guest

    Every year about this time in October, I go HERSHEY hunting.......Watch Walgreens and Walmart......last year I bought a BUNCH of bars from all the Walgreens in town.......4/1.00.....I had to talk to the manager to get all the boxes they had on the shelf but they let me!!! That's about $9 or so a box.
    I hit about 8 of the walgreens and only 1 manager wouldn't let me.
    Just my .02 ........saved a bundle!
  5. paulakw "P" Staff Member Staff

    thanks for the tip Carol Ann :D
  6. bjs1952 Lifetime Elite Platinum Elite Plus 2017 Reunion

    Walmart has the great value brand too if you don't mind substituting a generic brandI'm told they are just a s good. Last time I looked at them they were 2.00 a box of 6
  7. spflores Registered Member

    best deal is at Sam's for 36 @ $16.08
  8. zybertex

    zybertex Guest

    I heard Sam's is going up on the price.......to same as the others......just what I've heard around.......may or may not be true. I went ahead and grabbed most of mine......the lady at Sam's said they were letting all the stock run out before restocking. She wouldn't tell me if they were going up on the new stock..... :(
  9. moms7gifts Registered Member

    I love to go the day after holidays and stock up! You can get anywhere from 50-75% off. I have a large freezer and they freeze well! I just have to make sure you hide them in there or my hubby and kids think they can have them
  10. maxluv Staff Elite Plus

    Sam's in my area still have them at $16.08, i just got 2 boxes a couple weeks ago. I buy some candy after the holidays, but nowadays most of the candy is wrapped for that holiday, like the foil for Halloween will have bats and things on it, so you can't use it for much else, same for Christmas.
  11. OP

    jodibeck aMember user Registered Member

    Thank you for all the tips everyone!!!
  12. stacey_k Staff Member Registered Member

    I was trying to find out why Hershey's is not sold in Europe and I ended up going to a forum that said that there isn't enough cocoa in Hershey's to constitute it as a chocolate product and it is illegal to sell it in Europe.

    I called a chocolate factory here and was talking to a sales manager who told me also that he has heard of Hershey's but that their chocolate has been genetically altered (don't know the english word, sorry) meaning they don't use any real cocoa products.

    Can somebody find out if this is true? Karen? You live close by their factory, any chance of finding this out?
  13. kytee71 Registered Member

    Hershey is literally right outside my back door. I'm even closer than Karen. I've lived within 15 minutes of the Hershey factory my entire life & have never heard anything like this. Now, I must admit, I'm not a chocolate eater-hate it, as a matter of fact so I can't speak to the taste (it all tastes like dirt to me) but the smell from my deck on early fall mornings is absolutely sublime, even for a chocolate hater. I can't image anything about it being fake. I'll see what I can find out
    & let you know. There's a girl that works for me who's grandma just retired from there after about 40 years. I'll see what she has to say.
  14. Monica, suggest you don't freeze them. The chocolate develops a white film. Chocolate is good for about a year...just keep in a cool place and in plastic containers.

    When the chocolate warms up it really ruins the cocoa and the texture of the chocolate. Customers always ask if they should refrigerate and I tell them no as they are sold room temperature, not refrigerated. This ruins the chocolate and the wrapper.

    If you saw the back room of any grocery store, chocolate is there stacked on pallets. Not in the freezer.

    Keep your freezer for your meat and just get plastic tubs for the chocolate.
  15. This is from a chocolate site:

    Best kept at around 68-72 degrees and has a shelf life of about a year. Freezing chocolate is not a good idea. When you freeze it, then thaw, it has a tendency to "bloom" (white, filmy residue). This occurs when the cocoa butter in the chocolate separates from the cocoa solids
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