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Pro Member Area


This Page is for Wrapcandy Pro Members.   Please feel free to bookmark this page.

If you own Basic, please visit the Wrapcandy Basic Members area or Upgrade to Pro

You must have an active membership to the Wrapcandy Pro Software to download these files.  If you just purchased Wrapcandy Pro, you have a full year of free downloads on this page.   If you need to renew, please click here.

Latest 7.3 Minimal Edition Recommended (Install This FIRST to open designs)

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Once you have installed the version above and activated your software, you can start printing and using our designs.  Download them by category further down this page.

Older Editions

7.2 (No longer supported.)

This file below is Wrapcandy 7.1 Pro.

Please download and install Wrapcandy 7.1 Pro below.

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Please note, Microsoft .netframe is required for our software to function properly.

Nearly all new operating systems already have .netframe installed.

If you are unable to open the software after installing, please visit this page to download microsoft .netframe.

It is completely free and developed by Microsoft.

A great page to visit for all members is our getting started page  It includes videos (7.3 is used in the video’s but all of the basic features are the same)

IMPORTANT: THE FORUM IS ONE OF YOUR GREATEST RESOURCES: Simply use your username and password to sign in.

Bonus Downloads

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Wrapcandy Files by Theme.

Here you can download files by theme.  You can also visit the catalog to find the ones you want and download them on the fly.


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