Wrapcandy 7.3 Professional Downlaod

Wrapcandy Professional

Important, your License to Use our Software is for Life, but access to downloads, updates and support expire after one year.

If you did not order our Business Membership, please be sure to make backups of the files on this page.

Welcome to the Download Center for The Wrapcandy Software

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1. Click Here to download the Wracandy Software  

2. Once it is fully downloaded, double click and install the software.

3. To Get out of Demo Mode, you will want to register wrapcandy to unlock the print save and print functions.

With WRAPCANDY 7.XX open and in front of your screen,  CLICK HELP from the top menu and Select REGISTER.   Type in your USERNAME and PASSWORD.

Tip:  Your username was chosen when you placed your order.  It does not contain an email address.

3. Download the TEMPLATE, Graphics and Design Package Below:

Wrapcandy Pro MEGA PACKAGE