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Candy Wrapper Supplies:



You can use regular copy paper, card stock, colored, textured or photo paper when making your wrappers.  I have had good success with paper all the way up to the 74-pound card stock.  A great happy Medium is. 32 to 38 pound Brochure paper.  For Weddings, you may want to try a 6 mil Satin or Semi Gloss Photo Paper.





Wrapcandy.com can set you up with on of the largest Candy Wrapper foil companies around.  You'll save about 50% from the nearest competitors price. 

If you are interested, please fill out the following information; All fields are required.  You must provide a valid email address, in order to  receive the ordering information.

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Any Scissors will do the job, but if you're serious about Wrapping Candy, you're going to want to upgrade to a Cutting board.  There are many different types of cutting boards.  If you have kids around, you'll most likely want to keep it locked up, or invest in a $12.00 Fiskars Board Paper Trimmer which is a bit safer, but not as effective for bulk. 




Gluesticks work great.  If you use photo, or glossy paper, be sure to use a photo safe Non toxic gluestick.   Double Sided Tape Also Works.


You can take any kind of candy and create customized wrappers for them.  For the best prices on candy, you better try Sam's Club or Costco.  Chocolate doesn't ship well, so you'll be hard pressed finding a better deal online. 

Color Inkjet or Laser Printer

Just about any printer will do these days.  If you are on a tight budget, get an Inkjet Printer.  Epson Stylus 200 or Cannon i560 are both inexpensive and are both good printers.

 If you have some start up cash, get a laser printer.  It will save you in ink costs in the long run.  Plus laser Gloss paper is cheaper than Inkjet glossy paper.



Royalty Free Images can be found all over the net. Just Search for Royalty Free Images on a major search engine such as  Be sure that they are in fact Royalty Free. 



If you are like most people and don't have time to search for images, you may want to join a graphics club.  You can also check out the graphics packages we offer



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