A Re-Introduce


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No neither one was mine, but thank u for looking, my set was the paint can, graham cracker wrapper marmellow topper and Soe ... The can, I remember I made it in the form of directions for making a s'mores and it was kinda cartoonist clip art.... If that helps anyone that can help me find it....
sorry, I don't have that one. Wished I could have helped you out.


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OMG, it's great to see both of you! Ok, I'm dancing around seeing all of our wrapcandy "family" returning. :D
I signed up for Wrapcandy on 4/15/11 and am getting an error message stating I am not registered. Who do I contact for access? Thanks!
I remember you! I, too, let life get in the way and haven't been on wrapcandy for a long time and now it says I have to register again, (a new computer) and won't let me. Hopefully I can get it figured out!


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sorry, I don't have that one. Wished I could have helped you out.
This was the theme and one of the graphics I used... If anyone does see it... Also do u remember what site we used to sell our items from, I may be able to track it down through that. I sold it in wrapcandy store and was a digital download... Did we do PayPal or did we use something else????



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@rozietozie I don't have the files, sorry I am unable to help with it. Hopefully someone will remember it from the screenshot you added. To the best of my recollection, the site we used to sell what directly through Ryan and WrapCandy, and I don't believe any of that is still around.

However you can message Ryan on facebook and he can tell you if any of it is still available.

Welcome back to all of our WrapCandy "family", it's great to see you here once again. :D